When people fill up their cars with gas, they try to get the best price. All the gas stations list their price for a litre of gas (gallon for Americans), which makes it very easy to compare unit prices.  One litre of gas at gas station A is exactly the same as a litre of […]


Have you ever bought something and the price at the cashier was different than the sticker or shelf price?  If so, you might be able to score a discount on that item. The Scanner Price Accuracy Code is a voluntary code of practice which seems to be pretty common in larger stores and chains. The […]


My wife & I have two young kids, age three and four. One family activity we’d like to get into is camping. As in sleeping in a tent, campfire, cook your own food on a Coleman camping stove. Of course, not everyone likes camping, but I think it’s a lot of fun. Camping is much […]

Some time ago there were a string of posts on various blogs about clearing out “stuff” from your life. At around the same time, my favourite essayist Paul Graham posted an aptly titled essay “Stuff” on his site. Taken together, the general consensus seems to be that we are all struggling to deal with an […]


Every parent of young children is continually looking for new activities to do with their kids.  Preferably activities that are inexpensive or even free. One option I have is to take my kids to Riverdale Farm which is located near the downtown core here in Toronto.  Of course this particular activity isn’t available to everyone […]


Quite a few people have been expressing their admiration for my frugality to me, so I thought it was time to rein in the enthusiasm and talk a bit about the downsides of frugal living. 1. The most obvious downside, and what I don’t actually consider a downside, is frugality makes you question your buying […]


Three years ago Ramit Sethi wrote a post that made me laugh and think of my parents (it also looks like it might have subconsciously been influencing my post last week).  In it he talks about how his parents are very generous with him, but they (and, according to Ramit, all Indians) HATE to pay […]


Unfortunately, the economy is still down, and this year the pressure is still on to find cheap gifts for loved ones.  The previous edition of the Last minute cheap Christmas gift guide is still relevant for gift giving, but if you need more modern ideas for what to give on a budget, we’ve got you […]